The 3 Step Method To Hydrate Facial Skin Using Beauty Water

best toner for sensitive skinWhen developing a great makeup routine, many essential products of the process can quickly cause wear and tear on already sensitive facial skin that is much more prone to dryness, especially in the wintertime or in dry climates, such as the desert…

…And while dry skin isn’t dangerous, it can cause acne, discomfort, and redness. If untreated long enough it can even lead to scarring, which defeats the entire purpose of our makeup routine – We apply makeup and cleansers to look beautiful and radiant after all, right?

Try These 3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Face Hydrated And Beautiful:

Wash Your Face With A Gentle Product – How and what you use to cleanse your face in the shower is the foundation for healthy skin. Many soaps have harsh chemicals which start you out losing the battle before it’s even begun. You want to use lukewarm water ( Cold is best if you can handle it ) in conjunction with something gentle which won’t start you out with already dried out skin. For example, I personally use Baja Baby Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash for this purpose. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it and so gentle it’s made specifically for babies.

Exfoliate, Tone, And Moisturize With Beauty Water – This step is a nifty little hack which utilizes Son & Park Beauty Water to do three steps perfectly at once, saving you time and simplifying the process. Son & Park Beauty Water uses all-natural ingredients like Rose Water, Orange Peel Extract, and Wheat to gently prep your beautiful face for it’s makeup routine. Read My Full Review on Son & Park Beauty Water Here

Apply Primer – This step is very quick, easy and works miracles. It decreases sweating, which in turn helps makeup last longer, requiring fewer touch-ups throughout the day. Best of all it hides acne scarring, allowing your makeup to work better!

Save Time And Simplify The Process Using Beauty Water…

Beauty WaterI highly recommend using a particular brand of Beauty Water made by the folks at Son & Park…

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With it, you can save time while keeping your face hydrated, healthy and beautiful, making it the perfect canvas for your makeup routine!

Best of all, Son And Park Beauty Water simplifies the process, saving you time, money on a shelf full of unnecessary products, and therefore drastically reducing the likelihood of making a mistake juggling several other products which could wind up being harmful instead! I’m certain you’ll be satisfied with the results.